Our Favourites from Book Expo Australia

Two days of networking at Sydney’s Olympic Park, for this inaugural Book Expo.
Excellent examples of the book world’s convergence with technology,
come from these two amazing books – for grown ups and for kids!
A SECRET SYDNEY – by Kristine Valenzuela & Matthew Green.

London Book Fair

IMG_4775[1]Hug & Fug Books presented THAT GREEN ITALIAN WAGON as part of the ‘New Titles Showcase’. Over 25,000 visitors attended the 2014 London Book Fair at Earls Court in London.

‘Our focus was on learning and networking’, said Lynette Innes.  ‘The world of Rights is quite new to us and the opportunities to partner for a truly global presence, were outstanding.  We laid significant ground work but of course, there is still a long way to go.  The big thing that jumped out at me, was that we have achieved so much already.  Where we are at, after just 6 months, is where a lot of others are still trying to get to after 3 years. The London Book Fair gave us vital information about distributing That Green Italian Wagon to our beloved readers’.

Frans Warffemius too a different and very creative approach to the show.  ‘Our business card and specifically created Sell Sheet, was not only handed out to all the right people.  I adopted some interesting guerrilla marketing tactics to gain exposure.  So many blank spaces around the walls of Earls Court! ‘The industry is very busy with adapting the indie publishers’, says Frans.  ‘They are here to stay, and so are we.’


Australian Author Takes Kolkata Book Fair By Storm

IMG_4405Author LM Selby is launching her first Romance Novel, THAT GREEN ITALIAN WAGON, to excited audiences at the Kolkata Book Fair.

In its 38th year, this ‘readers’ fair runs Jan 29 – Feb 9 and last year had over 1.8 million attendees.

“What attracted us most about this fair,” said LM, “was the opportunity to meet the readers of India face to face. The excitement you see right across this event is simply amazing. People love to read here and at least half of the attendees prefer to read in English.”
IMG_4384Cues formed at the High Media TV stand for the author’s autograph. Their late night news team having interviewed the author earlier, they were happy to have signings managed by their team.

Creative Director for Hug & Fug Books, Frans Warffemius, said “We are new to the book publishing world but have quite some history within other media. Great to learn about such a large market as India, first hand.”

He continued, “THAT GREEN ITALIAN WAGON is a very sexy Romance fiction that takes readers across Europe, exploring a multitude of life’s adventures. We think it’s a winner and feel confident English language fiction readers here, will love it!”

LM Selby said, “Our beautiful White Feather gift has also been well received. Smiles from so many faces, as I sign their very own promotional card and hand it to them with the feather. It really is incredibly touching.”

One young lady was so excited, “It’s exactly the sort of sexy adventure I like to read. I’m going online straight away to buy it in paperback and also the eBook. I like to read both ways and it is so special that I can tell everyone I met the author.”




Background information at:

For interviews whilst in India (until 9 Feb) ….. +91 84 2084 1052



Hug & Fug Books to launch at Kolkata Book Fair


Hug & Fug books are very excited to be launching their first release “That Green Italian Wagon” at the 2014 Kolkata Book Fair.

The Kolkata book fair is the world’s largest non-trade book fair held every year in Kolata with a total footfall of over 2 million visitors making it the world’s largest book fair by attendance.

If you are in the area come down to check out the launch of “That Green Italian Wagon”.